Monday, April 28, 2008

Monument Valley

Some environments I did for the Afterburner Black Falcon game. They wanted kinda saturated colors. The top one I think I spent a few hours on then the other two took me around 30 min of painting after each sketch was finished. At this point, I was going through some difficulty grasping how I get digital painting to look the way I wanted it to. I was still kinda experimenting with my approach and thought process. Which is still an ongoing thing that varies from painting to painting. But it's getting a little bit smoother I think.


Yusun said...

This is breathtaking beautiful, Paul.

They reminds me of flat mountains in New Mexico I've driven through in 2005.

One of my monitors' a little broken and color gets over saturated, when I moved this page to that monitor, It actually looked more rush vivid. you might want to add more red tone and tune up the saturation for fun?

AndyGarciaH said...

I could probably comment on all your pretty pictures but, the first one would do it. Pretty awesome stuff...
Thanks for inspiring.